Thursday, October 31, 2013

Product Update - a golden sun and a golden hopping kangaroo

It never ceases to amaze me how much detail can be achieved when cutting the glass. The latest additions to the shop are the golden sun with many curved points and the golden hopping kangaroo. Both these items are badge pins suitable as lapel brooches or summer scarf pins. They can also be used as features on various items like bags and purses.

We have priced these with only a small profit margin so they are quite affordable to give as gifts and buying two means free postage in Australia and half price postage overseas. They come presented in a black velvet gift box with a hinged lid.



  1. Beautiful work Val -- I would love to send you a design of our Lake -- to see if you can shape it in glass for a pendant. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and for your kind comments. By the Way -- you are showing as a No-Reply blogger -- check out the link in my blog for how to correct this.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful works of art.
    Take good care.

  2. Hi Val, I have enjoyed perusing all your blogs. This glass fusing is amazing, I am impressed. Sorry have to use my husbands google account as I can't run one. Karen


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