Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dichroic Earrings

We love the dichroic earrings. Clear dichroic and dichroic on black both give wonderful affects with different coloured bases or tops.

We are wondering if they are meant to have a weird looking ring of foil around the edge. Even the black or dark ones have it but it is less noticeable. Today we tried a hotter firing to see if it had an effect.

We have been tossing around some ideas for using what we make. Sets of the 1cm buttons fit in the button holes of bought shirts so it would be nice to replace the plain buttons with coloured dichroic buttons.
We have been thinking about what shapes to cut out to put on buttons like applique and how we will apply them.
Earrings are the simplest option. We have ordered some clear plastic posts to go on the clear earrings. The steel posts showed through quite a bit.
We also bought the domain name and plan to set up an online shop. It is all quite a good adventure.

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