Saturday, July 20, 2013

Test firing on contour fuse

Program 2 Contour fuse (in google docs)
Segment Rate C/HourTemp CHoldSee notes
113956630 minreduces bubbles
213967720 minequalizes temps
316772010 mins
4AFAP51060 minsanneal 1
511142710anneal 2
6167380cool down

Focusing was difficult but this black and white with stringers came out barely polished. The white still has point corners and the stringers are still quite round. Everything was stuck together well. It looks a bit like plastic. This was formed at 720 C for 10 mins.

Neville did some fine cat shapes and they held their shape well but got some devit on the cut edges and the layers were too separate to look good.

We plan to try forming at 750 C for 10 mins for another test.

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