Friday, July 19, 2013

Dichroic samples, buttons

Scrap dichroic 1.5cm square with a clear top. Offset squares did not make a nice circle. Probably a bit too big.
Program 1, full fuse

Scrap dichroic. 1.5cm square off set on a black base square. Maybe we got this upside down. The foil seems to be on top.
Program 1, full fuse

dichroic scraps cut in a 1.5 cm square layered on a black base. Maybe we got the dichroic upside down. The large squares off set did not make a circle.
Program 1, full fuse firing

scrap dichroic in 1.5cm square with clear top. Layered squarely.
Perhaps the top could overlap a bit more so the line around the edge does not happen.
Program 1, full fuse

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